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5 Reasons Dual Fuel Heating Is So Popular

There has been an increased interest in Dual Fuel (also known as Hybrid) heating systems as consumers seek alternative heating sources that are also cost-effective. But what exactly is a hybrid heating system and why are they so popular in our region. Here is the breakdown from the heating and air conditioning experts at North Georgia Heating & Air, Inc.

What Is Dual Fuel Heating?

A traditional heat pump split system consists of an outdoor condensing unit and an indoor air handler. The condensing unit provides cooling in the spring and summer months and heat in the colder months. The air handler does not produce heat, rather it acts as a means to transfer the heat created by the outdoor unit to the inside of your home in the winter months.

A dual fuel heating system uses a gas furnace in place of an air handler. The gas furnace actually does produce heat within the home. The outdoor heat pump runs on electricity while the furnace runs on propane or natural gasses. During average temperatures in the winter months, your heat pump will deliver efficient heat to your home. As temperatures lower outside, your heat pump will then have the ability to switch on your gas furnace for fast dependable heat during freezing temperatures. While typical heat pump systems use expensive and inefficient auxiliary heaters within the air handler, dual fuel systems have two efficient heating options that are always ready to be utilized depending on outside conditions.

Why Is Dual Fuel Heating So Popular?

  1. It’s cost effective. Gas furnaces are very affordable to buy and install. You take care of a hybrid system like you would a traditional HVAC system. Change filters on a regular basis and have your system inspected yearly to ensure it is running at its best. The cost of regular preventative maintenance is nothing compared to the long-term savings on your monthly energy bills.
  2. It gives you control over your monthly bills. Advancements in temperature regulation technology allow for the seamless integration of all the components of a hybrid heating system. Ideally, you want to use the heat pump as little as possible. Since it relies on electricity, it can drive your power bill up with prolonged use. Some cities have increased rates for electricity use during peak usage times. You can program your thermostat to switch between the heat pump and the gas furnace to minimize your electricity use. Automated thermostat controls for your system means that you don’t have to get up in the middle of the night to adjust the temperature.
  3. It is reliable. It is not uncommon for condenser units to seize up when temperatures drop and snow/ice piles up around the unit. A hybrid heating system that utilizes a gas furnace will ensure that you and your family won’t wake up freezing in the middle of the frigid winter nights.
  4. It is customized to your energy needs. With a hybrid heating system, customers have an efficient balance between heat pump and gas heating. Depending on where you live, natural gas may be less expensive or more expensive than a heat pump. Some household heating preferences or needs are just too high to warrant the use of a heat pump on a regular basis during the winter. This is where installing a dual fuel system has the advantage.
  5. It’s comfortable. Hybrid heating provides a blanket heat throughout your home. It cuts down on drafts and cold spots by evenly distributing heat throughout rooms without the noise and strain of traditional heating systems.

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