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Heating & Air Conditioning System Maintenance

Warning Signs & Important Information

Why is it so important?

Your home's heating & cooling system keeps you comfortable during the hottest summer days and the coldest winter nights. In order to do this, they must be properly maintained by a licensed professional to ensure that your system is operating properly & efficiently. A properly maintained system will consume less energy and produce lower energy bills as well as provide you with a more comfortable home.

Signs that your HVAC system needs maintenance

Your energy bill goes up without increased usage

Sounds coming from your HVAC system such as clunking, knocking or banging

The air in the home is too humid or too dry

Certain areas of your home are too hot or too cold

Your heating and air conditioning breaker keeps tripping

System can't seem to keep up with thermostat set-point

Your indoor or outdoor coils are dirty or show signs of rust or oil

Odors during heating or cooling operation

Excessive vibration coming from HVAC equipment

Tips for keeping your heating & cooling equipment in shape

Change your return filter at least once every 30 days (long-term pleated filters are available for less frequent changing)

Have your heating and air conditioning system cleaned and fully inspected by a licensed/qualified professional at least once per year. Most system manufactures recommend the system be cleaned and inspected bi-annually in order to inspect both heating and cooling operation properly.

Keep your heating and cooling equipment free from objects and obstructions. This can be both a hazard to the home itself as well as effect overall system efficiency. Never use your HVAC equipment for storage or as a shelf

Keep all air grills and return grills free of any obstructions and debris. Efficiency and system functions can be affected dramatically by any foreign objects introduced into the duct system

Keep your heating and cooling system operating properly & efficiently. Schedule a time for one of our Service Specialists to clean and inspect your heating and cooling system today.

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